head tube

Evrything undertaken,from a puncture repair to a complete restoration.

Most work ready same day, please pre book on

0207 3597642

NO MOuntain bikes,High breads,or modern carp.

Enter Service title here Rob


Bring in your old wreck and let us breathe some life into it.

Your old bike fixed up, is much better than any of that modern crup .



Complete bike restoration,respraying(original decals sourced),parts rechromed,parts sourced from any period.

Your bike can be restored to a condition perhaps better than it was when it was new.

'A stitch in time' they say,could prevent expensive damage to your bike or even a potentially inconvienient failure! All carried out at very competitive prices,usually with a smile,and ocasionally a cup of tea..
Claud Butler  'Competitor' build up from frame supplied

Build ups

Bring us a frame,or choose from one of ours and let us build you a bike.

Drop your bike off on the way to work,and we will wash off all that damaging winter road grime, and advise on any servicing that may be required.


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